Energy Healing


Our bodies, minds, and spirits are all expressions of the vital life force – energy. Indeed all of the world as we know it is energy and is connected. This energy work integrates spiritual healing arts with Qigong techniques as well as chakra energy and all ancient or modern  authentic traditions, tools, and wisdom as guided by God / Spirit / Divine One. Safe and sacred space is held for you to experience Being and to create balance at the source so that you can empower your life force.

yinyang_bullet Healing Your Energy Field

yinyang_bullet Empowering Your Life Force

yinyang_bullet Learning to Walk in Beauty

yinyang_bullet Preparing to Live Your Destiny

Joyfully Becoming
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Personal Sessions
An energy facilitator does not heal a client rather we hold an invitation and intention for right balance. Sessions can be in person or by phone.
The world in which we live is undergoing rapid and dramatic change. These workshops offer a powerful immersion in personal transformation.
It is through ceremony and ritual that we transform ourselves. Ceremony is a way to focus our loving attention, to release all that does not serve our destiny and to manifest our intention.
Personal time designed by you and for you from the menu of personal sessions, workshops and ceremonies offered.