Personal Sessions


What is energy balancing?
Our bodies, minds and spirits are all expressions of the vital life force – energy. Indeed all of the world as we know it is energy and is connected. This energy work integrates spiritual healing arts with chakra energy and all ancient or modern authentic traditions, tools and wisdom that God/Spirit/Divine One includes. My primary role is to create safe and sacred space for you to experience Being and to create balancing at the source so that you can empower your life force.

What happens in a session?
The first session includes assessment and education. You may come with an issue to discuss (or not). You will lie fully clothed on a comfortable table and focus on your breath. I track for emotional or physical imbalances and clear any heavy or dense energy in your body. Based on the type of session, I might also identify and replace limiting beliefs, bring back soul parts or essential energies that might have been lost through past pain or trauma, and/or help you discover your gifts and ignite your passion. I help you come to balance and start consciously dreaming your world into being in a way that is right for you.

Do I have to believe in this stuff for it to work?
You do not have to believe anything in particular, but it helps to not fight the process with your mind. As an energy facilitator I do not heal a client, but rather I hold an invitation and intention for right balance. I sense what is out of balance in the energetic field and then use highly focused intention to connect a person with empowering forces. If you find yourself thinking skeptical thoughts and would like a session, my suggestion is to open to the possibility that it might help. Then relax and enjoy a carefree time of unconcerned neutrality.

Will the work conflict with my religious beliefs?
I am trained to honor all spiritual traditions and language. You do not have to believe in any spiritual tradition to achieve a benefit but it is helpful if you can see the universe as a place where everything is alive and where anything is possible.

What kind of clients do you work with?
There are no limits. The youngest client was five months in utero. I work with all ages. I also work with communities and groups.

Can I trust this work?
Many people brought up in modern America think this work is . . . different. New. They wonder if it’s “New Age” or somehow suspect. Actually it’s thousands of years old and connected to indigenous cultures all over the globe, manifested in many forms. It is very positive work and can’t hurt you when performed by a trained practitioner with pure intent.

How long does a session last and how many sessions would I need?
Each session is unique. Usually they last between one and two hours. I suggest allowing two hours for an experience with no concern about the next scheduled item on your to do list.

I find that most clients enjoy three to five sessions to address current issues. My goal is to empower each person I work with to acquire the tools and skills to move forward on their own.

I live far away. And, wow, gas is expensive these days. Do you offer long-distance sessions?
Yes, I can work with you on the telephone and the results are as effective as work done in person.

What does this cost?
I am committed to making this valuable work available to all who want to heal their energy field, empower their life force, walk in beauty and step fully into their destiny. The session fee is $95 and I offer a sliding scale fee between the $95 fee and a minimum of $45 (which covers the cost of materials used). You decide what is economically affordable for you at this time. My clients tell me that the results are priceless.

The shamanic energy work offered by Carolyn Shafer is a complementary, alternative healing art in the tradition of the Peruvian Inca shamans. It is not meant to replace medical technology or to substitute for treatment by mental health professionals. The word “healing” is used here to mean “wholeness” and a sense of well-being and peace and may or may not include the relief of symptoms.