Words & Images

“Patagonia Enso” 2011 Carolyn Shafer

Carolyn currently has two “Words and Images” inspirational booklets available in Artist Book format (an original, individual production of each booklet). Both will also be available soon in digital format. If interested in digital format, please Contact Carolyn Shafer .

Combining words, images and quotations, this inspirational booklet will inspire contemplation of how to shift ourselves and ultimately all sentient beings to a peaceful existence.

A booklet that offers a version of the ABCs that inspire our journey through that which we call “life.”

Artfully combined by Carolyn Shafer, the “Words and Images” series offers the opportunity for newly found or expanded understanding of this life we live. Immerse yourself in abstract cosmic consciousness and contemplate that all is One.

Tangible Expressions of
Sprinkled with Humor
Inspired by Creative Spirits