Munay Ki

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Munay-Ki comes from the Quechua word that means that “I love you” and is also taken to mean “Be as Thou Art.” In this current context it refers to the nine rites of initiation to becoming a person of wisdom and power. Handed down from generation to generation they exist within all Shamanic traditions, while deriving a form and style of expression unique to each culture. The Munay-Ki offered here are derived from the great initiations of the Hindus valley brought by the Laika, a group of courageous medicine men and women, across the Bering Straits from Siberia to the Americas during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. Ordinary men and women, who acquire uncommon grace and ability through prayer, study of the wisdom teachings and discipline, the Laika have kept the teachings safe until the moment came for their release to many more than their small group. They have faithfully accepted their guardianship for millennia, believing people would come to this initiation when they were ready and called to do so.

Many traditions talk about 2012 as a time for transformation and the possibility to create a new world. The energetic transmission of the Nine Rites of Munay-Ki will assist your preparedness for these times so that you can:

yinyang_bullet  Live Free of Fear
yinyang_bullet  Reconnect to Earth
yinyang_bullet  Lay New Energetic Wiring
yinyang_bullet  Enhance Your Spiritual Fitness
yinyang_bullet  Balance a Reunited Feminine and Masculine


The four foundation rites launch us on our journey, through a process of willing acceptance, to the manifestation of who we truly are.

We are all, through our ancestral lineage, members of indigenous tribes. As we begin our receipt of these rites we awaken a dawning realization that this knowledge, we are seemingly encountering for the first time, has always been known to us. Just as who we are seeking to become, through Munay-Ki, is who we have always been.

Through our initiation into these rites we transmit, and receive into our system, the “seed” the “potential”, of possibility each rite opens up for us. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination and continued development of these “seeds of potential” is what turns the possibility into the lived reality.

Having received the four foundation rites of Munay-Ki, which have served to strengthen and inform our Luminous Energy Field, we are in a position to take the next step in the process of becoming who we truly are. This step offers us the opportunity to align ourselves with and take our place within the lineage of Stewardship for the Earth and all that live upon Her.

This part of the process opens up the potential for awakening the dormant pre-frontal lobe of the brain, referred to by science as the God brain. All spiritual personal development we undertake fires up neuropeptides within the brain and begins to build the electric web within the area. These next three rites offer us the possibility of turning this aspect of ourselves, our God brain, on fully. As with the foundation rites before, we transmit and receive into our system the seed, the potential, of each of these rites. Our subsequent dedication to the unpacking, germination and continued development of these “seeds of potential” is what turns the possibility into the lived reality. As we work with these next three rites we may find that one group we align ourselves to, during the reception process, remains with us in some form after the process has been completed while the others may leave, fully prepared to return with assistance when called upon at a future time. This remaining group offers you the possibility of recognizing your personal place within the lexicon of creation. While we all carry within ourselves the potential to be aligned with all the groups, our specific personal gifts and skill set have shaped us to be of most effective service to the whole in one particular area. This understanding may be apparent at the time of the transmission or at any time after as the seeds develop fully within us.


With this next step we are offered the possibility of moving from our alignment to the past and current time to alignment with the time to come.

With it we have the means to transform ourselves into, and join the ranks of, Luminous Beings, to develop the luminous energy field of Angels within this single lifetime, as opposed to over many generations. Existing Luminous Beings are humans who rose to be the level of Angels. Some remain in human form while some are in spirit form. All have a mandate to protect those who are looking after the well-being of the planet.
Four introductory videos can be viewed at – the second video is a 36 minute introduction to Munay-Ki.

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