Chakra Care

Earth Energy-web1We are spiritual beings having a planetary experience in dense manifestations of energy we call bodies. Less dense are two more personal energy sheaths = the astral body and the causal body. Our chakras are part of our energetic anatomy and when fully functional receive universal energy.

There are many chakras. I work with nine. The seven chakras located on the physical body and the earth star chakra which is located one to two feet within the Earth and the Soul chakra a golden orb of pure energy (light) which is located at the end of our arm length fully extended above our heads.

When we are born, Soul of Spirit / Essence of God as individuated in our personal golden orb opens and descends towards the Planet while unfolding the chakras. Soul of Spirit enters our planet’s essence and absorbs the elements of earth, water, fire, air to physically manifest in human form. When our physical form dies, our Earth Star chakra is disconnected and our other chakras ascend upward to the Golden Orb until the next incarnation.

We are rainbow bridges connecting Spirit and Matter.

This workshop offers a chakra meditation practice that shifts the focus from the healing powers of the chakras to the co-creator powers of the chakra. It is our role as co-creator which is being called into service during this powerful time of evolution.