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VISION: A world in which all sentient beings live just and sustainable lives in stewardship of this garden.

MISSION: To move this vision into reality through artistic expressions and through energy facilitation services that offer individuals the opportunity to empower their life force as an expression of peace, love, joy.

Born at a very early age, Carolyn Shafer continues to in-joy the journey of this incarnation. Carolyn knows that her most important and joyful role is as a mother and grandmother. Beyond that:

During the typical period defined as a working career, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Florida Atlantic University and has worked in a variety of industries (law firms, power line construction, public charter school, art gallery).

Carolyn completed The Four Winds Healing the Light Body program of shamanic energy healing based on the healing arts of the Q’ero peoples of the Andes Mountains in Peru. She is also a Four Winds certified teacher of Dying Consciously. Carolyn is a certified Qigong instructor in the Supreme Science of Qigong method and completed the coaching program with Coach University.

Now in her encore phase, Carolyn is an artist, writer, business owner, energy facilitator and community activist.